Journal d’une stagiaire – semaine 8

journal stagiaire recsi



This wenesday, let’s have some fun ! I’m going to challenge myself and write my diary in English !

Indeed, our colleague @Maxime is teaching us english every tuesday. So… time to practice !

I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake ! (just kiddin’)

So, let me start again :

Journal of an intern – week 8

First, let’s talk about these english lessons. Last Tuesday, Maxime gave us an exam to assess our level. I must confess that I still believe still believe 🎵 Oops sorry, I’ve let Britney’s song take over my mind ! As I said, I must confess that the team level was not so good but i’m sure that we’ll progress as fast as Eymeric eats schokobons !

Yesterday, it was about the most common idioms in the english language and some made us laugh a lot ! Specifically when we had to pronounce it with a very bad accent !

For example : « I have a frog in my throat » 🐸 In French it’s a cat and personnaly, i don’t know what’s worst !

For today’s photo, my office neighbor @Estelle say hi !

Now it’s lunch time and i’m very hungry, so I’ll leave you right there.Have a good day, and see you next wednesday !

Bye !

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